The National:

THE clock is ticking down to Brexit, and it can feel like the people in power have no idea about the reality of the situation.

Well, in the case of the Tories, that seems to actually be the case.

One of the central points of this Brexit process has been membership of the customs union. It has been crucial to discussions all along.

Some are in support of being in it, some do not think that should be the case.

Today, the Tory MPs FINALLY had their training session on what a customs union is.

Sam Coates of The Times revealed that one MP said: “It was very useful but one person did raise the question why they hadn’t done this two years ago”

That's an excellent question. Why are Tory MPs only now learning about such an absolutely crucial issue? 

Might it not have been an idea to learn about it prior to the referendum? Or at least when dedicing on which Brexit to back? Especially being in the governing party?

We look forward to seeing the result of the indicative votes tonight, now that they actually know what is being discussed...