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AN advert has been broadcast promoting a positive vision of Scotland. And as the Bat-Signal is to Batman, so that was to Labour MP Paul Sweeney – he had to let everyone know why that just wasn't on.

Of course, we're all aware of the toxic atmosphere in Britain created by Brexit, as certain groups stoke fear of immigrants and of Europe in a bid to further their own political goals. And that's not to mention Theresa May's hostile environment at the Home Office.

But the Scottish Government-backed Scotland Is Now, which runs promotional campaigns for Scotland, wanted to stress a different attitude north of the Border.

It released this video:

In the face of Brexit-fuelled racism, it appears to us to send a positive message that we Scotland remains an outward-looking country with open arms.

But Labour's Scottish branch office wasn't so impressed. They had a very different take to share.

In response to the video, Paul Sweeney, one of their MPs, tweeted: "I believe in working class solidarity across Europe. So let's get on with making credible, class-based arguments for unity, rather than having the Scottish Government use public money to promote smarmy, saccharine, bourgeois tripe like this, that purports to 'speak for Scotland'."

If you're weren't able to watch the clip and were wondering exactly what the "smarmy, saccharine, bourgeios tripe" was, here's what is said in the video: “Hey Europe, Scotland has a message for you. From our people, our universities and our businesses, from the bottom of our hearts.

“Our beautiful country is open to you, our arms are open, our minds are open, and yeah, sometimes our clouds are open too – but don’t let that put you off.

“Europe, let’s continue our love affair. Scotland is open. Scotland is now.”


Admittedly, the clip wasn't trying to win over Scottish Labour MPs. It was trying to win over Europeans, and send a positive message as the Westminster Government does the exact opposite.

Looks like that might have worked...

"Hey Scotland, I wish you could still be in Europe with us. It's sometimes difficult to understand your accent but we love you," said one French Twitter user.

Another wrote: "Dear Scotland, we will do everything to keep you in our Europe."

It's just a shame that Jeremy Corbyn and his Scottish MPs don't seem interested in protecting Scotland's place in Europe.

Some of the responses to the tweet said it best:

Scottish Labour are comfortably third place in Scottish election polling, and facing a potential near wipe-out of their Scottish MPs. We wonder why...

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