THE white rose of Scotland was seen around the country yesterday as people protested against the death of its democracy at the hands of Westminster – with the nation's will on Brexit ignored.

Independence activists responded to the call from Dumfries and Galloway Pensioners for Independence (DGPI) to wear a white rose or leave one in a prominent place to mark the weekend the UK was due to leave the EU.

That date has been postponed but people still turned out to show their opposition to Scotland being dragged out of the EU despite voting to stay.

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As you might expect, DGPI had an excellent day.

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They were joined by Emma Harper, SNP MSP for South Scotland.

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Jan MacPherson sent in a fantastic shot (below) of her daughter Laura MacPherson Zieger and adopted Granny and close family friend Erica Jakobs showing their solidarity with White Rose Day.

She said: "Erica is a German national with a Dutch mother who has lived and worked in the UK since 1962. As a child she lived through the hunger winter in Holland during the Second World War.

"Laura is a first year student at Glasgow University studying Philosophy and has recently become involved with the Our Future Our Choice group and travelled overnight from Glasgow to London  with a group of fellow students to take part in the People's Vote March."

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Yes Marchmont & Morningside set up a stall in the Meadows, sending the message to EU citizens that Scotland "welcomes you, needs you, and wants you to stay".

Paddy Farrington of the group said: "We distributed several hundred copies of our flyer and dozens of white rose badges. It was a very positive response in spite of the glowering weather. We’re back on April 13."

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Tim Rideout sent in the picture below, as the first street stall of the newly re-established Yes Midlothian group braved the showers in Dalkeith.

"All with hand-made white roses, and Mr Melvyn Wagg the white dug," he said. Their next meeting is on April 11 at 7.30pm at the Harrow Hotel on Eskbank Road, Dalkeith.

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And, as ever, the Yes Stone makers delivered in style.

Special Yes Stones were created to mark the occasion – with the incredible examples below by Chrisanne Wands. Have a look at the Yes Stones Facebook group for more.

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And check out the gallery at the top of the article for even more pictures!