The summer holidays will be here before we know it and the thought of entertaining the troops for the seven plus weeks that they are off school can be daunting, or maybe that’s just me!  The summer holidays can also be an expensive time for parents as well as the worry that your kids are spending too much time indoors and having too much screen time whether it’s in front of the tv or on their beloved gadgets!

Why not think about investing in a trampoline for the garden. Trampolines have come a long way from what they used to be, there are now lots of options out there to suit not only your budget but your garden size too as well as lots of additional safety features for peace of mind.

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1. Orbisphere 8ft Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

maximum user weight:  100kg

The curved enclosure in this robust, well-designed trampoline gives more space between the poles and the bounce area giving more room to jump around without bumping into the poles which also have foam padding. The addition of a safety net is also a bonus.

This may sound like an obvious statement but believe it or not, not all trampolines are equal when it comes to their bounce and the feedback on this one has been that it is extremely bouncy!

Buy now: £139.99

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2. Plum 10ft Space Zone Trampoline with Enclosure

maximum user weight: 100kg

The innovative 3G enclosure that is fitted inside The Plum 10ft Space Zone trampoline is curved providing maximum space for jumping around, the perfect way to encourage exercise and outdoor play.

The sturdy 10ft frame is made from galvanised steel helping to protect it from the elements. No more unsightly rusting trampolines.

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that this trampoline was designed with safety in mind.

Buy now: £229.99

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3. Sportspower 12ft Titan Super Tube Trampoline, Enclosure, Ladder & Shoe bag

maximum user weight: 200kg

This trampoline is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages & parents! The generous 12ft size provides lots of room to bounce around whilst enjoying the benefits of exercising outdoors.

The Titan Super Tube trampoline includes an access ladder as well as a handy shoe storage bag that attaches onto the frame to help keep the garden tidy and the kids from misplacing their shoes.  The wide frame and steel tubing make this trampoline extra strong and robust and the steel sky ring helps to keep the enclosures shape and prevents it from getting damaged.

Buy now: £259.99 (save £40)

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4. Plum 12ft In Ground Trampoline

maximum user weight:  100kg

It may be that your garden is your pride and joy, or you have a fabulous view and the last thing you want spoiling that is a trampoline. If that’s the case, then the unobtrusive Plum In Ground Trampoline may well be the one for you. Although fitting may require some initial work, you’ll find that the results pay off.

Engineered for long lasting use. The galvanised steel frame will provide rust-free protection.

Buy now: £449.99

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5. Oval 15' Backyard Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

maximum user weight:  140kg

This 15ft oval trampoline may be the priciest on our list but the reviews helped secure its place. There are many features on this trampoline, however, stand outs are that the safety net is sewn onto the bed which makes sure that the jumper can’t touch the springs and the 3 bounce zones mean the user is not pulled back to the middle.

This attractive, robust and rust resistant trampoline will look great in a larger garden and is guaranteed to have kids old and young alike eager to take their turn.

Buy now: £659.99

The National: credit: Wayfaircredit: Wayfair

6. Upper Bounce 488" Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

maximum user weight:  150kg

Assembling this trampoline is said to be very straight straightforward, which is great when you have some impatient little ones excited to get bouncing. The easy assemble/disassemble feature is designed to make it easier taking apart the poles for protection during the winter.

This trampoline will look great in gardens of any size, especially those with limited room. And a higher than standard maximum user weight is great for when mums and dads are wanting to get involved.

Buy now: £427.99

The National: credit: Wayfaircredit: Wayfair

7. Jumpking 8ft x 12ft Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure

maximum user weight:  140kg

We have come to expect a standard shape from garden trampolines but the Jumpking rectangular trampoline breaks the mould. The trampoline offers professional jumping performance with its rectangular shape and spring configuration, which would make it perfect for any would be gymnast in the family for them to practice on.

The sturdy frame, strong pre netting and the thick surround pad will assure you that safety has not been compromised is this design.

Buy now: £548.99

The National: credit: Argoscredit: Argos

prices correct as of 28/03/19