60 Days On The Streets, C4, 9pm

FORMER soldier Ed Stafford spends 60 winter days and nights on the streets with no money and shelter in an effort to find out more about Britain’s homelessness crisis. His final report takes him to Glasgow, where the problem is being tackled with a set of progressive laws designed to get rough sleepers off the streets as quickly as possible. Since 2010, Scotland has seen a reduction in numbers and for Ed it proves to be a world of enlightenment. But with thousands living in B&Bs, hotels and temporary accommodation, there is still a long way to go.

Secrets Of The Heinz Factory, C5, 8pm

EMPLOYEES at the eponymous business in Wigan, near Manchester, open its doors to reveal how it produces cans of baked beans, soup and pasta. This is Europe’s biggest food factory, covering 54 acres, and has 850 people working across three shifts every 24 hours. The establishment produces 200 different products, including 450 million cans of baked beans annually – more than anywhere else in the world. This film discovers the secrets of what it takes to make food on this scale, spending 24 hours in the property that makes 1.3 million cans of baked beans daily, along with 128,000 tonnes of soup and 42,000 tonnes of pasta.

Manhunt: Catch Me If You Can, C5, 9pm

THIS new series follows a 10-strong specialist tactical team from Kent Police who hunt down and capture suspects who have gone on the run. Featuring manhunts and stakeouts, investigations and chases, it’s a game of tactics and nerve for Sergeant Iain Cameron and his team as they attempt to bring in people who are doing everything they can to avoid capture.

Pose, BBC2, 9pm

BLANCA takes on a new fight when she insists on being served at a popular gay bar where transgender people are denied access. She also enters into open competition with Elektra at the ball, and after Damon is asked on a date for the first time, she finds time to give him some motherly advice on love and sex. Meanwhile Stan’s attraction for Angel becomes ever stronger, but leaving his straight life is not an option.