TWO activists who walked 500 miles across Scotland for independence will arrive at Westminster tomorrow – after walking another 500 miles.

Scotland’s “Tartan Spartans”, Karl Claridge and Wren Chapman, will then be able to say they have walked 1000 miles to stand at the door of the place where a Tory government seems sure to block Scotland’s legitimate demands for a second independence referendum.

Having passed through the north of England and navigated the hills and dales of Yorkshire, the walkers are nearing London, averaging a commendable 32 miles a day.

They told The National they are being greeted wherever they go by genuine warmth and understanding about why they are doing this walk for their country.

Some listen with bemused interest to their story about Scotland’s trek to becoming an independent country, while others ask with enthusiasm if they can come and live there too.

They came across a group of youngsters near Barnsley who wanted to know about Scottish currency. They were unsure about Brexit, but in their opinion, “Theresa May is completely unqualified for the job”, which suggested to the walkers that young people are accessing news enough to have opinions about both Scotland and Brexit.

Many people they talk to are not engaged with politics, while others are aware and embarrassed by the disrespectful way the Westminster Parliament treats the SNP MPs. An incensed lady in Morecambe with the wonderful name of Tinker Bell didn’t understand the Scottish cause, but was insistent Wren deliver a message in person to the Prime Minister that she was “disgusted” at Britain’s relationships with America.

“All in all, it seems we are either walking or knackered,” they said, “and it’s pleasing that this walk to raise awareness of the Scottish independence cause in another part of Britain is being well received by most.”