SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford clashed with Prime Minister Theresa May as he responded to a statement given by her to the Commons on Brexit.

MPs are expected later to debate and vote on a proposal to force a series of indicative votes on alternatives to her Withdrawal Agreement.

The proposal seeks to pave the way for a series of indicative votes in the Commons on Wednesday, effectively taking control of the Brexit process out of the hands of the Government.

But May made clear the Government will oppose the plan and will not regard the outcome of any votes as binding on it.

Blackford said it could potentially be "the greatest assault on democracy inflicted by any Prime Minister", in his response to May's statement.

Below is the full text of his speech in the Commons.


Mr Speaker, we are in a crisis. But one of the Prime Minister’s own making. Her ill-judged speech before she departed for Brussels concluded that everyone’s to blame but herself. Trying to put herself on the side of the people and blaming parliamentarians. Mr Speaker, it was Trumpesque.

We don’t need such raw populism at a time like this. It is truly flabbergasting. Will she now apologise for blaming parliamentarians the way that she did? The Prime Minister needs to be reminded she’s supposed to be leading a country. None on these benches think she can deliver. Her backbenches don’t think she can deliver. People right across the United Kingdom don’t think she can deliver. Prime Minister, time is up.

Mr Speaker, today is about parliamentarians taking back control. People at home are watching and they are ashamed of this Parliament, ashamed of this Government, ashamed of the embarrassment that British politics has become. Parliament today must move to find a consensus. We must come together and protect the interests of citizens across Scotland and all other parts of the United Kingdom.

Members, we still have a choice. And I want to ask the Prime Minister now, with all sincerity, will she respect the will of parliament and reject no deal? When the Prime Minister is telling us that our votes don’t count, at the same time, privy councillors are being given briefings by her Government. And those briefings are talking about the catastrophe and the real risks there are to the United Kingdom, and it’s the Prime Minister who is threatening the people of the United Kingdom with a no deal. And a no deal that this parliament has already rejected.

Mr Speaker, what is the point of all of us sitting in this chamber and voting on debates and the Prime Minister thinks she can ignore parliamentary sovereignty. What a disgrace. What an insult to this place. Because if our votes don’t count, then frankly, we may as well just go home.

I’ll tell you something, Mr Speaker. If this Prime Minister is telling the people of Scotland our votes don’t count when we voted to remain, well, we know what the answer is. And the day is coming that the people of Scotland will vote for independence and we will be an independent country in the European Union.

Will the Prime Minister tell us, do our votes count, are they binding on the government or is this just a puppet show? If that is the case, then this is the greatest assault on democracy inflicted by any Prime Minister, and if members of parliament are prepared to tolerate that, then shame on them

Mr Speaker, Scotland will not be dragged out of the European Union by this Prime Minister. From the very beginning of this process, Scotland has been ignored. And now we learn that parliament will once again be ignored. Mr Speaker, at the weekend I was proud and privileged to take part in the historic march in London, I was proud to stand with the people alongside Scotland’s First Minister and demand that the government listen to the people.

And let me tell the Prime Minister this, she said that no-deal is the alternative. Well, we on these benches will move revoke, because the Scottish parliamentarians have made sure that we have that power, and we will stop the Prime Minister dragging us off the cliff edge.

Over one million people marched to have the chance to vote again, to stop this chaos. Prime Minister, why are you not listening? The Prime Minister must end this madness, put it to the people – let’s have a People’s Vote.