NICOLA Sturgeon has said an independence referendum is as “inevitable as it’s possible to be”.

The First Minister has long said that she will share details of when Scots might be asked to vote again on the constitution when she has more clarity on Brexit.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr, the SNP leader suggested that with decisions being made in Westminster this week, that clarity could come within the next few days.

“I think another Scottish independence referendum is going to happen,” she said.

“Nothing in this life is absolutely inevitable, but I think it’s as inevitable as it’s possible to be.

“Before I set a path forward for Scotland, I think it’s reasonable for me to know what the starting point of that journey is going to be and the context in which we are going to be embarking on it.

“We need to know – and hopefully we will know this over the next few days and the next three weeks – is the UK leaving the EU? Is it leaving with a deal? Is it leaving with no deal or is it not leaving at all? Perhaps looking at another referendum.

“But the experience of the last almost three years now – Scotland’s vote ignored, the voice of the Scottish Parliament ignored, all of the consequences that flow from Brexit completely outwith our control – that really does make the case for independence very, very powerfully.”

The SNP leader is coming under pressure from restless independence supporters who want her to launch the campaign for a new vote sooner rather than later.

Yesterday, hundreds gathered in Glasgow’s George Square for a rally organised by Hope Over Fear at which she was urged to "use the mandate" she has to press ahead with indyref2.

Sturgeon told Marr that she was in favour of Scotland entering the EU in the event of independence and said the country should not have to choose between access to the UK and European markets.

"I would want to see an independent Scotland rejoin the EU," she said. "One of the big ironies is that in the independence referendum, those who were against Scottish independence said: 'You can't have independence because you'll get thrown out of the EU'.

"What an irony that not too much further on, we're facing being taken out against our will."

Sturgeon was in London over the weekend to address the “Put it to the People” march, calling for a new EU referendum.

But Scottish Tory constitution spokesman Adam Tomkins said the visit was a “scam”.

He added: “She wasn’t there because she cares about the UK leaving the EU or to try and influence proceedings in the coming days.

“She was there to agitate for a second independence referendum, and to set Scotland up for even more years of division.

Independence is the only thing on her radar. Her obsession is stopping Scotland from getting on and doing the things that really matter to people."