CALLS have been made for the BBC to show a series

on the independence referendum across the UK.

Yes/No: Inside The Indyref was made for the corporation’s new Scottish channel, with the three-part documentary receiving critical acclaim when it was broadcast this month.

It included an interview with the BBC’s referendum correspondent at the time, Allan Little, saying some of his colleagues saw it as their responsibility to show how “foolish” it would be to vote Yes and that some

journalists had an assumption the independence argument was “wrong”.

Now the SNP have said it should be shown to audiences in England, Wales and Northern Ireland amid the “chaos of Brexit” and the prospect of a second vote on independence.

Hannah Bardell, the SNP’s culture, media and sport spokeswoman, said: “People across the UK should have the opportunity to gain an insight into

Scotland’s recent history and the BBC should schedule this programme across the UK-wide network.”

She added: “The summer of 2014 witnessed an unprecedented period of peaceful democratic engagement in Scotland – and saw a huge surge in support for independence. Now, with the UK stuck in a seemingly endless state of Brexit chaos, the opportunity of independence is high on the agenda and more and more people are looking again at the case for a better Scotland and moving from No to Yes.”

Green MSP Ross Greer said: “I’m sure people throughout the UK would be particularly interested in the UK Government’s duplicity during the campaign and I hope the BBC are able to broadcast the programme to as wide an audience as possible.”

The three-hour-long programmes received considerable praise from commentators and television critics north of the Border for its behind-the-scenes revelations from the rival camps and the disclosures it made about the workings of the BBC itself.

A BBC spokeswoman said: “There are no current plans to screen the series on other channels as the series is available to all viewers on the BBC iPlayer and BBC Scotland is available across the UK on Freesat, Sky and

Virgin Media.”