National editor Callum Baird is joined by a healthier Paul Kavanagh (aka the Wee Ginger Dug) for this week's podcast.

Of course, on the agenda this week is all the latest on Brexit – and what we can expect to see in the days ahead.

Plus, the big flaw in Theresa May's latest Brexit non-statement, and what it tells us about her abilities.

Kay Burley is on this week's Dugcast, too ... though as a topic of discussion, not as a guest. She's been trolling Scots again, seeming a little bitter after her clash with Ian Blackford didn't go to plan.

The Home Office earn them a spot too, as they disgrace themselves in the handling of another asylum seeker's case. And Paul Kavanagh knows the worries caused by the hostile environment first-hand.

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Language warning: The podcast contains one mention of "s***e".