The National:

THE Scottish Tories really do keep taking our breath away with their irresponsible approach to Brexit – and we've just witnessed another staggering example.

We all know that for weeks they've been studiously avoiding bringing up the topic of Brexit at First Minister's Questions, given what a mess their party is making of it.

Other factors include their failure to stand up for Scotland, and their hypocrisy, with certain Remainers in the party now silent on the damage they previously knew would come.

Pretending it doesn't exist is one thing. Other parties can still address the issue. But now, the Tories are angry about that too.

MSP Michelle Ballantyne took to Twitter to hit out at the Scottish Greens for bringing up Brexit.

Yes, you read that right. Every front page may be covered in it, we may be mere days away from a disastrous no-deal exit that devastates Scotland and the Prime Minister of her own party may be giving statement after statement – but apparently, we shouldn't be allowed to discuss it.

Ballantyne wrote: "Disappointing that despite having a regular slot at #FMQs the Scottish Greens consistently complain about reserved matters. Personally I'd rather talk about what we can do as MSPs to make Scotland better than wrangle with the constitution."

She doesn't seem to realise that the issue being raised by the Greens – a Scotland free to make its own decisions on choices this important – is exactly what would help make it better.

We've had terrifying stories of the Brexit impact on medicine, food supply, jobs ... but the Tories are so humiliated by it, they think everyone else should stop talking.

Sorry, Michelle Ballantyne. It may not be the case for the Scottish Tories, but other parties seem to feel an obligation to stand up for those they represent on such a crucial issue. Imagine.

Is it any wonder the Scottish Tories let us down so consistently at Westminster when this is the party's mindset?