With Mother’s Day on the horizon, it’s a good time to reflect on the life changing effects your mum has had on your life. Without her input would you be the person you are today?


How has she helped you grow? Mum’s are pretty special people; from whipping out the ‘Magic Cream’ to make lumps and bumps feel better to being a go to resource for those adulting questions that can still bamboozle you from time to time.


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Instead of opting for the usual flowers and chocolates this Mother’s Day, give her a makeover! A makeover of the makeup kind is not every mamas cup of tea. Read on for our list of alternative makeovers that she is sure to love


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A Spring clean

If your mamma has her style and pampering regime down to a fine art, don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Instead, why not combine Mother’s Day and a spot of Spring cleaning to makeover her favourite room?  


Don’t consider yourself to be a particularly handy Andy? Put away the circular saw and instead breakout the mops and brooms. A thorough deep clean of a room can work wonders. Don’t forget your friend the duster either. Getting into all those nooks and crannies can truly breathe life into a tired room. Taking the time to reorganise the room will also make a huge difference. It is up to you, and your mum, if she is in on the makeover, to decide whether that means straightening up the bookshelves or going full Marie Kondo on everything in it.


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We are big fans of removable wallpaper from Wayfair. The peel and stick process couldn’t be simpler and it is easily removable should you not get it on completely straight the first time. With a huge range of designs, you can make a feature wall pop with an intricate design or completely revamp an entire room.


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Radiators may not seem that exciting but replacing your bog standard white rectangle with a designer model instantly changes the look of a room. Even better, you can get 15% off a designer model at Trade Radiators from March 25th to April 1st. Its not just about looks though, a new radiator is going to be more energy efficient than an old one and will save your mum some cash further down the line too. 


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Personal shopping experience

If a spot of retail therapy is what she needs, give her look a luxurious makeover. A personal shopping experience is the ideal way to treat a shopping shy mum. Trailing round shops, digging out sizes and then queuing up for the changing room only to realise you picked up the wrong one will no longer be her concern.


Many high street favourites like Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis all offer personal shopping or styling service for free. Make an appointment for your lovely mum and she will have clothes brought to her to try on, no rummaging through the rails here!


There may even be a cup of tea and other goodies thrown in. Don’t forget to arrange a gift voucher in advance so she can splurge on a look she loves.


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Find the perfect colours

Continuing with the fashion theme, a colour analysis could be the perfect gift for your mum. It is the ideal gift if she is unsure about what tones and colours best suit her.  


Skin tone, eye and hair colour all help trained colour analysts to identify what family of colours will work best for her. Armed with this knowledge, future shopping trips will be a breeze. No more will she have to wonder if a particular shade suits her or which make up pallet is the best option. 


The beauty of a colour analysis isn’t that it cuts colours out of your wardrobe. Instead it will provide your mum with tips to find the best versions of any colour to suit her.


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Master Mother Chef

Does your mum have a go to dish that she can whip up with her eyes closed? A quick poll of our office comes back with chilli, stovies, and toad in the hole as being the most common things to find in your mums’ freezer- often in a repurposed ice cream tub.


We are aware that gifting a cooking class or a series of them needs to be done sensitively. After all, you don’t want your dear mum to think you are questioning her culinary skills (no matter how questionable they may actually be). 


To avoid having your plate passed over the next time you stop by for dinner choose a cuisine she is particularly interested in. If she still raves about the local food she had on holiday in Greece, why not search for a Mediterranean inspired class or culinary workshop?


A cooking class can be the ideal way to give your mum’s go to recipes a makeover. It is also an opportunity to indulge in something completely new like patisserie or cake decorating. Why not sign up together so you can spend some quality time together?


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A new skill

If the kitchen is not your mums happy place, why not feed her brain with a course in a topic that she is interested in. We love the range of options on offer from Udemy. A mamma with a packed schedule can learn when and where it is convenient for her thanks to lifetime access on their website and app.


From coding, to photography, to dog training, there is bound to be a subject that will catch her fancy. Whether it is the start of a lucrative new career or takes a hobby to the next level this is a gift that is bound to last longer than a bunch of those petrol station flowers you were considering.

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