A LARGE-SCALE outdoor photography exhibition showcasing the impact of humans on the planet has been unveiled at the Scottish Parliament.

Curated by Edinburgh Science Festival, the free exhibition, called A Human Touch, invites viewers to consider our impact on and responsibility for the environment and highlights the contrast between the beauty of the images on display and the story behind them. Organisers say the exhibition emphasises the need to take action to moderate, cease, or reverse our harmful activity and shows some of the efforts being made around the globe to minimise harm and protect our planet for future generations.

Festival and creative director Amanda Tyndall said: “It’s important for Edinburgh Science to bring thought-provoking science-themed content to wide and diverse audiences. The photographers featured in this exhibition have travelled far

and wide to examine the fragility of Earth’s varied landscapes and to capture beautiful and powerful images that we hope will make audiences take a moment to consider our impacts on our world but take away a sense of hope that things are not beyond repair.”

Holyrood’s Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh said: “The Scottish Parliament has always been proud of its connection to the land and its leadership on environmental sustainability.

“These are powerful images, evoking feelings of dismay, hope, awe and determination to change. I would encourage as many people as possible to come to see this display of world-class photography.”

This exhibition runs until May 8.