THE Yes group for Blairgowrie and Rattray has always been one of the most active in the land – and now they are taking their campaign for independence a big step further by opening their own premises.

Group chair Grant Rooney wrote to tell us: “We at Yes Blairgowrie & Rattray exist to promote the arguments for Scottish independence and we campaign to achieve this goal.

“We are really happy to let everyone know we will be opening the ‘Blair Blether In’ as our Yes hub in Blairgowrie town centre, later this month.

“The premises consist of a rented retail unit, at 17 High Street, and we anticipate running costs of about £500-£600 a month.”

The group is looking for help from the movement: “We appreciate that there are many other equally deserving Yes projects looking for financial assistance but any support you could offer us in addition to our groups monthly pledges would be very gratefully received.

“You can make a one-off donation of any amount via our ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign at (go to “Search” and type “Blair Blether In” for our page). Alternatively, if anyone would prefer to opt to make a monthly standing order, please e-mail and we can send you a monthly pledge standing order form. This covers any period of up to seven months and is for any amount you choose.”

The group is keen to emphasise that when Scotland achieves independence, any excess funds that they raise will be donated to local charities.