JEREMY Corbyn has dismayed Westminster’s other opposition leaders by asking them to back a Labour Brexit.

At an emergency discussion with the SNP’s Ian Blackford, and the Westminster chiefs of Plaid Cymru, the LibDems, and the Greens, the Labour leader was told to "stop prevaricating" and prioritise a so-called People's Vote.

In a joint statement, Blackford, Vince Cable, Liz Saville Roberts and Caroline Lucas said Corbyn and Labour must now “move to back a public vote, which includes the option to remain, before the window of opportunity closes“.

They added: “We hope that we can now work collaboratively and move swiftly to ensure the best possible chance for a fresh referendum to take place.

Blackford said he and the other party leaders were “united in pressing home” on Corbyn “that there is no such thing as a good Brexit” and called on him to back a new referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

He added: "We were clear that the best and most democratic way forward has to be putting the decision back to the people in a second EU referendum, with Remain on the ballot paper. That must be the overriding priority for all parties that want to prevent the damage of Brexit.”

"Time is running out," he added. "If there is to be a hope of giving the people a choice over their future, Labour must stop prevaricating, start fulfilling their duty as the official opposition and prioritise a second EU referendum, with the option to Remain, before it is too late."

But a Labour spokesman seemed more interested in having the other parties back Corbyn’s Brexit policy.

“Should there not be a majority in Parliament for May’s deal or a public vote, Corbyn called on the other parties to engage constructively to find a parliamentary majority for a close economic relationship with the EU that can work for the whole country,” the spokesman said.

He added: “The party leaders discussed efforts to ensure May’s deal would be put to a public vote if she is able to force it through parliament with threats and phony bribes.”

After the meeting, Cable suggested May was more likely to back a People’s Vote than Corbyn: “I do think that is the case ... it’s a crazy situation.”