THE SNP’s depute leader has labelled this the week when Scottish independence became inevitable.

Keith Brown said the momentum had become unstoppable after the “unstable, undemocratic” Westminster’s handling of Brexit over the past few days.

He argued that the UK political establishment’s failure to deal with the chaos made it clear why Scotland should make its own decisions.

It comes after several major poll boosts for the Yes movement over the past week.

The National:

Research by Survation found that 60% of Scots want a second independence referendum.

It also predicted that the Scottish Parliament would retain its pro-independence majority after the next Holyrood election.

Brown said: “This week may come to be seen as the moment that ensured momentum for Scottish independence became unstoppable.

“The events of the last few days have proved beyond question that Westminster isn’t working for Scotland – the complete meltdown over Brexit has shown that clearer than ever.

“The UK Parliament is an unstable, undemocratic institution foisting an unwanted Brexit on Scotland.

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“No wonder that polls now show more people would prefer independence over any kind of Brexit.

“Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU and our interests have been ignored at every turn.

“You simply can’t trust the UK Government to act in Scotland’s interests.

“The whole Westminster system is broken. It’s time Scotland took our own decisions.”

The House of Commons this week voted down Theresa May’s Brexit deal once again, rejected a no-deal Brexit and backed an extension to Article 50.

The National:

Across three days of debate, Speaker John Bercow did not choose any of the SNP’s group amendments to the Government’s motion to be voted on.

This included a bid on Thursday to guarantee Scots a say on their constitutional future, which was denied by the Speaker not choosing it.

The amendment asked for time to allow “the people of Scotland [to exercise] their sovereign right to choose their own constitutional future as a full, equal, sovereign, independent member state of the European Union”.

It would have meant, for the first time ever, a majority of Scottish MPs voting in favour of independence.

As well as hitting out at the UK Parliament ignoring Scotland’s voice, we revealed yesterday that Brown had formally complained to the BBC over its coverage of the Brexit debates.

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Along with SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, he said the broadcaster was “deliberately” downplaying the SNP at Westminster, despite it being the third largest party.

In particular, they cited the BBC cutting away from Blackford’s contributions in the Commons.

In addition to the Survation poll boosts, Panelbase research for Wings Over Scotland found Scots would prefer independence over any kind of Brexit.

Presented with a straight choice between May’s deal and independence, voters opted for the latter by 53% to 47%.

If a no-deal Brexit rather than the Prime Minister’s proposals was the offer, those polled still preferred an independent Scotland, with 52% backing a Yes vote in that case.