The National:

A SKY News presenter was forced to issue a correction over his false claim about SNP votes in today's crucial Brexit debate – but it was far from a thorough one.

Adam Boulton had claimed on the live Sky News coverage of Commons proceedings that the SNP "have been doing quite a lot of abstaining tonight", as votes were carried out on amendments to the UK Government's motion to delay Brexit.

That was inaccurate, as the SNP MPs had all consistently cast their votes on the amendments without abstaining.

After receiving complaints on Twitter, Boulton wrote: "I raised the question ... if back on air I will clarify. Thanks for your input."

The idea he was "raising the question" is an odd one, given that his exact words were: "Two other points. The SNP have been doing quite a lot of abstaining tonight," before moving on to discuss the DUP.

When the studio next cut to Boulton for analysis, he had his chance to offer a correction.

Boulton said: "I should just clarify a thing. I've had lots of SNP supporters on to me saying that I got it wrong, that there wasn't a great deal of abstention by SNP MPs. So, just like to put that one straight if I may.

"But I do think overall at the end of this week, what we can say is that Mrs May is still winning through losing."

There is no missing sentence above. That is actually his apology. There is a correction buried in there, we assure you, it's just a little bit hard to find.

It was a matter of fact, rather than opinion, so it really shouldn't be hard for a broadcaster as experienced as Boulton to make it clear to the viewer.

If only Scotland wasn't used to this level of broadcast coverage of our politicians at Westminster.