IN a belter of a Commons speech, Mhairi Black warned Westminster that "Scotland will be watching" as its will is denied over Brexit.

The SNP MP set out why the UK, in comparison to the EU, is not a "union of equals" – and stressed the repeated backing people north of the Border had given to a Remain position.

You can read her full speech here, but it's very much worth the watch:

In the speech, Black explains: "And the people of Scotland will be watching this, and despite being told to vote “no”, to stay in the EU, despite voting to remain in the EU, despite sending back a majority of MPs on an anti-Brexit manifesto twice, it’s still ignored. And despite the Scottish Government putting forward compromise proposals, here we are anyway.

"And I challenge one Unionist member in this place to tell me what more we could do on these benches that we haven’t done to prevent Scotland being dragged out of the EU and into no-deal chaos."