WHILE I declare my interest in that I am a paid-up member of the SNP, I feel that it is long overdue for someone to actually comment on the performance of our SNP members at the Westminster cesspit which constitutes the place of government for the UK at the moment.

The totally excellent performances given by Ian Blackford have been of the highest statesman-like standard, and are surely way above the quality of the contributions from the two main sides in the House. This is despite the ignorant noises and interruptions to which all the SNP are regularly subjected.

The contributions this week from the Government benches have been quite appalling, particularly Michael Gove, whose utterances have been totally disgraceful.

The contributions made by all SNP members during these recent days of fraught debate have been excellent, and for a lot of the time their presence must have been nearly half the total quantity of MPs present.

Keep up the good work, we are extremely proud of you.

George M Mitchell