YES campaigners would have been heartened yesterday by the fact that SNP politicians were extremely vocal about their support for independence ahead of the second meaningful vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

During heated exchanges in the Commons just 17 days before the UK is due to leave the EU, several of the party’s MPs took to Twitter to underline their support for independence.

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Stewart McDonald commented after asking Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the Commons whether he thought a Section 30 order should be made to allow Scotland to have a new vote on independence.

He posted: “Jeremy Corbyn has outlined the chaos we are facing. Given that chaos, I intervened to ask if he agreed with me that it would be undemocratic for the UK Government to block a referendum on Scotland’s independence so we can stay in the EU. He replied that it was ‘not relevant’.”

David Linden tweeted: “My desire for independence has always been based on fact Scotland doesn’t have an equal say in this Union. Given today’s vote is based on small handful of N. Irish politicians, this just highlights how utterly out in the cold Scotland really is. That’s why we need independence!”

Carol Monaghan highlighted an newspaper article reporting a poll result which carried the headline “one in three Scots say there should never be another independence referendum”.

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She wrote: “Or to put it another way, two-thirds of Scots want a second independence referendum!”

Stewart Hosie was another SNP MP to underline his support for independence. He tweeted: “Given the shambles that is #Brexit and the disrespectful way Scotland is being treated by the UK Government, I’m not surprised people want the chance to choose #Independence #voteSNP.”