A NEW poll has found that 60% of Scots want another independence referendum.

Survation research asked Scots for their view on the timing of a second referendum on independence.

Only around one-third of those polled (32%) said "there should never be another Scottish independence referendum".

By contrast, 60% of Scots backed a fresh vote on the country's future.

With "don't knows" excluded, that figure rises to 65% in support of an indyref2.

The fieldwork for the poll was carried out between March 1 and March 4 – well before it became clear that Theresa May's latest attempt to pass her Brexit deal through Parliament was guaranteed to fail.

Survation's research did not ask any direct question on whether people would or would not support an independence referendum after the terms of Brexit are clear.

Instead, it focused on the preferred timing for a fresh poll, presenting five options.

Among the four options that supported a vote, the most popular choice for the timing was an independence referendum "within two years of the UK formally leaving the EU, scheduled for March 29 this year". Of those asked, 21.9% stated this was their ideal timing for indyref2.

Roughly 10% of those polled most wanted a second vote within the next two to five years, and 7% at some point between five and ten years.

A total of 21% backed a second independence referendum, but said their preferred timing was for it to be in more than 10 years.

The same Survation poll also asked Scots about their Holyrood and Westminster voting intentions.

Its results brought a boost for the Yes movement, predicting that the Scottish Parliament would retain its pro-independence majority.

The SNP would also gain 11 more seats at Westminster, taking their tally to 46 MPs.