A COUPLE who write pro-independence blogs have revealed they family are leaving Scotland for Denmark because of Brexit.

Writing exclusively for The National tomorrow, Danish-born Thomas Widmann, who is behind the Arc of Prosperity blog, says he “feels Scottish” but he and his wife, Phyllis Buchanan of Phyl’s Blog, fear for the future of the business they set up 10 years ago after the UK leaves the EU.

Widmann came to Scotland 17 years ago and the couple, who live in Newton Mearns have five children. He says it was a “ray of sunshine” when Nicola Sturgeon spoke of a new independence vote after the EU referendum but that the First Minister’s words saying Scotland wants EU citizens to stay are “just that – words”, with indyref2 yet to be called.

Widmann says: "As an EU citizen, I felt completely devastated when Leave won the Brexit referendum, but it was a ray of sunshine when Nicola Sturgeon found the right response the morning after, reassuring us and talking about a new independence referendum as a way to keep us in the EU.

Sadly, however, when Theresa May – less than a year later – declared that “now is not the time”, Nicola Sturgeon seemed to lose her mojo ... and we’re still waiting for her to tell us what the plan is for a new indyref. The best time for an independence referendum was no later than September 2018 ... we've missed the boat however."

Buchanan writes: "Thomas feels Scottish. We never expected to feel so insecure that we’d feel our only option was to flee the country, but that’s what we have decided to do. I have good days where I am almost excited at the prospect of escaping, and bad ones where I cry and hide under the duvet as starting my life from scratch is too big to contemplate."