The National:

IT seemed matters couldn't get much more grim for Scottish Labour – but somehow they have.

The latest Panelbase polling, published by Wings Over Scotland, reveals some worrying figures for Richard Leonard's branch office.

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In terms of the constituency vote, the poll predicts Labour would fall by three points to just 19%.

That's well below the SNP on 41% and the Conservatives on 27%, both unchanged.

Meanwhile, the LibDems would go up by two percentage points (to 8%), the Greens by one (to 3%) and Ukip by one (to 2%).

Even James Kelly would be able to work out the stark warning these numbers send out to his party – though their woes don't stop there.

The list vote also sees Scottish Labour on 19% – which would be a 4% fall on its share of the Holyrood election in 2016.

The SNP are unchanged on 36%, and the Tories down 1% to 26%.

It comes just ahead of Scottish Labour's conference and amid a reignited civil war between Leonard and Kezia Dugdale.

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It also compounds the party's Westminster woes, with an extensive YouGov poll last month predicting Labour would see five of their seven Scottish seats lost to the SNP.

The results show a need for the pro-independence parties to be cautious, however.

With this vote share, it is likely there would no longer be a pro-independence majority at Holyrood.

And we know how reliable the other parties are at standing up for Scotland...