NATIONAL editor Callum Baird and columnist Paul Kavanagh re-convened to discuss a huge week for the newspaper and Scottish politics in general.

They began with a recap of Theresa May’s latest gaffe before getting on to the serious business of the McCrone Report.

The National published the document in full for the first time and sold an extra 5000 editions as a result. The pair discuss the report’s significance and explain why detractors are missing the point.

Next on the agenda is the SNP’s plan for a Scottish currency and what is means for the Yes movement as a whole.

Also, with Tory ministers having insisted Downing Street will reject a Section 30 order for indyref2, the pair ask how the Scottish Government should approach another independence referendum.

Finally, there is time to reflect on the 40th anniversary of the day the British state cheated Scotland out of its rightful choice of devolution.

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