THE All Under One Banner marches across Scotland last year hit new heights of participation for pro-independence supporters, culminating in the astonishing 100,000-string turnout in Edinburgh last October.

Now the success of the AUOB events here has inspired independence activists in Wales to organise their own march in Cardiff on May 11.

AUOB Cymru is working with its Scottish colleagues, borrowing their experience to ensure that the march will be well-organised and effective.

Neil Mackay, spokesman for AUOB, said: “We think this is a major development which will really upset the British establishment. We’re mounting a pincer movement with our friends in Wales who are enthusiastic and committed to their cause.

“They are massively on board and running the event with ourselves assisting which we are proud and happy to do.”

AUOB have also announced a series of meetings that will take place this month to help organise the forthcoming “national tour” of marches planned for this year which starts in Glasgow on May 4.

For the avoidance of confusion, AUOB have changed the name of the meetings to “volunteer” rather than “activist”.

There are three such volunteer meetings this month, with first one on March 9 in Glasgow, the second in Galashiels on March 16 and the third in Oban – details on AUOB Facebook. Some 300,000 flyers have also been printed by Terry Walls for AUOB so look out for them.