The National:

WE now know what the first words broadcast on the new BBC Scotland channel will be ... and they are hilariously appropriate.

The channel is to be launched tomorrow with a collaboration between Chrvches and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (SSO) – which we're sure will be excellent.

The BBC revealed: "The globally renowned Scottish band perform their international hit song Miracle in a specially created new arrangement, alongside the entire SSO amidst a visual celebration of contemporary Scotland.

"Chvrches’ singer Lauren Mayberry will be the first voice to be heard on the channel as it goes out at 7pm, on launch night Sunday, February 24, in this special performance film entitled Beginning."

An eagle-eyed National reader realised what this meant about the first words that would be heard on the new channel, and pointed it out to us.

Miracle by Chrvches begins: "Ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies."

Yes, that's the line that will open the new BBC Scotland channel.

As you might know from a couple of our recent stories, the new channel doesn't seem to like questions about its claim to have contacted pro-independence groups in relation to its Debate Night show ... despite the groups not being contacted until we ran a story about the BBC not being in touch with them.

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They've repeatedly refused to answer our questions on which groups they contacted.

So, as far as an opening mantra for a new channel goes, "ask me no questions, I will tell you no lies" seems painfully appropriate.

Of course, we hope the channel is a success and an improvement on the BBC's Scottish coverage, and we hope the "visual celebration of a contemporary Scotland" is just that.

Time will tell.