THE Jouker has certainly brought to our attention the lack of any grasp of what is happening at Holyrood by the LibDem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton (It’s Alex D’oh-Hamilton, February 20). Even more worrying is that he is widely tipped as a potential future leader of that party!

We are accustomed to parochialism from the Unionists at Holyrood when new developments are initiated by the Scottish Government. We know they are semi-detached from Holyrood, and we can almost predict their reactions to initiatives to promote Scots and Scotland abroad and in the EU.

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Since Scots voted to remain in the EU in 2016, one would have thought that the initiative in France undertaken by Nicola Sturgeon would have been welcomed by the EU-friendly LibDems? France in particular has long historic links to Scotland as well, yet Alex Cole-Hamilton is not only semi-detached but obviously politically gaga as well. He did not know about the Scottish Government investment hub in London as well!

At same time Lord Wallace of the LibDems has welcomed the initiative! As the Unionist duopoly at Westminster is splintering and the UK attempts at “globality” are failing due to incompetence, it is vital that Scotland establishes links beyond our borders.

As the inferiority-minded Unionist parties at Holyrood belittle their own country and seem to be unaware of what Holyrood has achieved, they will slip into even greater irrelevance than they have at present.

John Edgar