IT is Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit but where are we going?

We have our own parliament and I accept that, at the moment, we do not have the powers to separate ourselves from the impending suicide plans of Westminster. As a matter of urgency the Scottish Parliament should have a full debate on Brexit in which all of the MSPs will require to place on record where they stand if, as seems likely, we are dragged out of the EU.

Those Conservative MSPs who appear to be prepared to sacrifice the Scottish fishing and farming industries for the good of the Union must stand up and be counted. Labour MSPs, given the split in their party, are fast becoming an irrelevance. The Liberal Democrats, who have been trying to dictate to the Scottish people that they are not entitled to an indyref2, could change from being LibDems to LibDics!

To date among the Unionist parties at Westminster there appears to be no interest in the option of withdrawing the UK’s application to leave the EU. I would be interested to know how our MSPs would vote!

Thomas L Inglis