GEOFF Moore writes (Letters, February 18) that “wind farms have killed millions of birds and bats”. I very much doubt if this is the case, although I have seen the claim before. Surely there are enough wind farms in Scotland for concerned individuals to visit and collect the piles of bird corpses (millions?) which must litter the ground around the generator towers if Mr Moore is correct. I have never seen any such evidence and I suggest it is wild exaggeration.

My concern with wind farms is their impact on the views of Scotland’s wild places, and the sites should be carefully chosen with that in mind. Otherwise we all need electricity and wind is the most environmentally friendly method of generation apart, possibly, from tidal and hydro, with which Scotland is also generously endowed.

James Duncan

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ON Friday my grandson asked me if I agreed with school kids demonstrating against climate change. My simple answer was yes, my generation has trashed the planet, perhaps your generation can save it.

Terry Keegans
Beith, North Ayrshire