IAN Blackford has accused the Prime Minister of lying again after she told MPs that the Scottish Government had no plan for independence.

During a heated PMQs, the SNP’s Westminster leader told MPs that he thought Theresa May was trying to “run the clock down” on Brexit by leaving the meaningful vote on her deal until the last possible moment.

“This is the height of arrogance from a government set on running the clock down,” he said.

“Just 44 days from a no-deal scenario, the Prime Minister is hamstrung by her own party and rejected by European leaders. The Prime Minister must stop playing fast and loose.

“Businesses are begging for certainty; the economy is already suffering.”

He asked May to “face down the extremists in her own party and extend Article 50”.

But the Tory leader said that if Blackford wanted to give certainty to business, he should back her deal.

She added: “Of course, it was the Scottish National Party who wanted to leave the UK without a plan. Perhaps we should remind the SNP that independence would have meant leaving the EU with no deal.”

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After question time, Blackford raised a point of order saying the Prime Minister had “perhaps inadvertently misled the House when she said that there was no plan for Scottish independence”.

Brandishing a copy of the Scottish Government’s White Paper on independence, he added: “Unlike the Brexit campaign, which was no more than a slogan on the side of a bus.”

Scots Tory MP Douglas Ross then raised his own point of order, saying that the White Paper, “contained many errors and omissions”.

“For example, it did not include any transition costs, it wildly overstated the predicted revenue from oil and, interestingly, many of the proposals in it related to powers that the Scottish Government and the SNP already had in Holyrood in Edinburgh,” he said.

The National:

Meanwhile, May could face yet another Commons defeat today, with the Brexiteers in her party furious at the possibility of the Government effectively ruling out a no-deal Brexit.

Parliament is being asked to support a motion endorsing “the approach to leaving the EU” backed by the Commons on January 29.

Initially, MPs thought this meant just the vote to replace the Northern Ireland backstop with “alternative arrangements”. But it also refers to the a second, non-binding amendment passed on that day which ruled out a no-deal Brexit.

The European Research Group group, led by Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg, is reportedly set to vote against or abstain.

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Mark Francois, vice-chair of the ERG, told the BBC: “We cannot vote for this as it is currently configured because it rules out no deal and removes our negotiating leverage in Brussels.

“The Prime Minister, if she went through the lobbies for this tomorrow night, would be voting against the guarantees she has given in the Commons for months. It is madness.”

No 10 insisted that May was still leaving open the possibility of Brexit without a deal.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “What MPs are voting for is in line with government policy which is to leave the EU with a deal and to secure the changes that we need to allow the house to support that.

“But if you’re asking me whether no deal remains on the table, the answer is yes.”

Brexiteers believe the motion confirms comments reportedly made by Olly Robbins, the Government’s chief negotiator, in a bar in Brussels on Monday night.

The civil servant was overhead by an ITV journalist, saying that May wanted to present MPs with a simple choice of accepting her deal and delaying Brexit for a very long time.