A COUPLE of years ago I was enjoying a libation in Dundee with two old friends – one who favoured Scottish independence and the other a staunch Unionist.

The BBC had just announced that the new channel would be broadcasting a news programme at 9pm with a Scottish perspective. The other independentista and myself proclaimed that this timing had been decided in order to ensure this Scottish perspective failed, as it would coincide with main entertainment programmes and would be largely ignored. The Unionist doubted our feelings.

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I note your report on the members who will deliver this new service (BBC unveils flagship news team, February 12). There is undoubted journalistic talent there – many are well-known respected news gatherers and reporters. However, I fear there is massive investment in a body of people who may struggle to deliver the service Scotland deserves if it is based on historic BBC provision. BBC Scotland news has been called out for being limited in the verité. News items are frequently written with nuances and structures which convey negative attitudes.

Bias regarding the BBC has often been highlighted here. With the recent furore over the Billy Mitchell affair, I would question how we can expect these undoubtedly professional – and I do not doubt honest and well-meaning – recruits to provide news stories untainted by the BBC’s anglocentric agenda.

Colin Mowat