The Real Marigold on Tour, BBC1, 9pm

THE success of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films may have led some pensioners, who had never previously thought about moving abroad, to consider retiring to India. But will this new series, which takes veteran celebrities and sends them off on global adventures, leave viewers wondering if they should spend their golden years in Argentina, Vietnam, Mexico or, as in this first episode, Russia? Marigold veterans Miriam Margolyes, Bobby George and Sheila Ferguson are heading to St Petersburg with new recruit Stanley Johnson, whose pro-Russian stance doesn’t endear him to the ladies – although he does bond with Bobby over some vodka.

Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits, C4, 9pm

FOLLOWING the residents of the County Durham town of Hartlepool as they became guinea pigs for the introduction of Universal Credit and the shocking events that followed. Far away from the Westminster bubble, the stark realities of the tougher new system’s impact on people’s lives come sharply into focus. The programme follows unemployed Nathan and Abbey, as they take their dog out to hunt for rabbits and squirrels to cook, and partially blind Dave, who has had his benefit payments reduced, meaning he has just £5 to live off for the entire month.

The 15 Billion Pound Railway, BBC2, 9pm

FOLLOWING the final stages of the construction work on the new Elizabeth Line underground railway beneath the streets of London. Cameras focus on the engineers, technicians and train staff who are under pressure to complete their section of the project, including building and fitting out 10 brand new stations, learning to drive the new fleet of trains and testing the 21km twin tunnels beneath London, in a bid to make it safe for the public.

Cleaning Up, STV, 9pm

SAM’S world falls apart when her landlady returns with some devastating news and she is forced to face the disastrous consequences of her actions. Coming clean to Dave could solve Sam’s problems but she risks losing her family. Meanwhile Jess is left heartbroken when her business plan falls through.