IT was a delight to read about some good news for once in Monday’s National. I refer to Udo Seiwert-Fauti’s article about his long-term experience of the Holyrood Parliament (In praise of the Scottish Parliament, February 11).

He references to the way in which the parliament operates as a 21st-century institution and has, as a consequence, become the envy of many other countries. The fact that it has changed Scotland within the UK and Europe means we are no longer just that country north of the Border.

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With this international recognition, it is no wonder that Mrs May and her Tory government might want to close the Scottish Parliament down. Even now, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has made her mark for Scotland in both the US and Canada. She is the envy of good-thinking people of England and beyond. Not only has she become a first-class ambassador for Scotland, but she is also getting on just fine with the parliamentary day job, contrary to what her opposition choose to suggest.

So thank you to the SNP government for helping to make Scotland a better place to live, and thank you The National for reporting such information.

Alan Magnus-Bennett