IAN Blackford urged the Prime Minister to "correct the record" on earlier comments she made during a fiery Commons debate on Brexit.

The leader of the SNP had earlier called Theresa May a liar as she told the House that an economic impact assessment had been carried out on her deal.

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Blackford then withdrew the remark after an intervention from John Bercow but did so only "out of courtesy" to the Speaker, a move which angered the Conservative benches. 

Later, Blackford raised a point of order, calling on the Prime Minister to "correct the record on what she said earlier".

"The facts of the situation are, the Treasury published an economic analysis of Brexit in November before the Prime Minister’s deal that in no way refers to the Prime Minister’s deal. This goes way beyond spinning," he said.

“But perhaps more importantly, if this House is going to be asked to vote on a proposition that we haven’t been given the economic impact assessment on.”

May chose to respond to Blackford, reiterating her earlier point that an economic impact assessment had been carried out on her deal.

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Blackford later tweeted: "I raised a point of order following today's debate because @theresa_may needs to be called out. She lied to Parliament and by extension to the people of the UK. She is employing tactics of delay and blackmail and in doing so she is leading us all ever closer to the cliff edge."

Watch the exchange below: