FOOTAGE of the incident in which Ross Thomson is accused of “sexual touching” may be released under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

According to a story on the Guido Fawkes blog, parliamentary authorities could release the video of the incident after someone at the Strangers’ Bar in Westminster when the incident took place requested the CCTV footage from Parliament’s Information Rights and Information Security (IRIS).

A response is due within a month.

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Police were called to the bar on Tuesday last week and removed Thomson on after reports of “sexual touching”. No formal complaints were made and there were no arrests.

However, on Sunday a formal complaint was made, believed to be from an SNP researcher, who said he witnessed “unwanted touching” when he part of a group of people drinking in the bar.

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Due to controversial rule changes made to the commission last summer to protect anonymity, UK Parliament authorities do not confirm or deny if any complaints have been made.

Ahead of that complaint, Thomson released a statement in which he said “these allegations from anonymous sources are completely false”.

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That was after colleagues of the Tory MP had blamed his alleged behaviour on stress induced by Brexit.