LIKE many of The National’s readers, I was angry and frustrated by how unbalanced Question Time was on Thursday night in Motherwell.

I was surprised therefore to see the criticism of Fiona Hyslop in your letters page from Kenneth Sutherland. As the national co-ordinator of Women For Independence I was watching Question Time so that I could tweet comments referencing independence and other points of interest.

What stuck me most about Fiona’s comments was the quality and range of topics she covered around independence. What is even more impressive is that she kept up the positivity and diversity of her comments without losing her cool and whilst enduring a hostile environment. Those positive messages are the ones that will win us the support we need to achieve independence.

The other very important point is that keeping your head under provocation is crucial for pro-independence supporters. Shouting over others is a turn-off to the public, particularly women. It also feeds into the Unionists’ wish that the public believe that “all politicians and politics are the same”.

So bravo to Fiona for keeping a calm head in such a belligerent environment and showing that independence supporters really mean that politics can and will be done differently.

Margaret Young

OH, what a panic in their breasties!

Given the furore even in the Unionist press in Scotland regarding the latest Question Time programme staged in Lanarkshire, I decided to watch on iPlayer to see what all the fuss was about. Really not a lot has changed since I last watched this British propaganda show in 2014.

This recent effort does show, however, how much more panicky and paranoid the British Unionists have become. Their clear intention is to wipe anything remotely related to Scotland from the face of the Earth. What a sad bunch. A real bunch of headless chickens.

From the producer to co-presenters, Lord Forsyth and Fiona Bruce, together with their well-rehearsed audience input, I suspect this fake presentation will more likely achieve the exact opposite of what it was intended to do. Rather that put off voters from supporting Scottish independence, I think it will actually attract many current doubters to do so.

While I give Fiona Hyslop full marks for trying to offer an honest debate in the face of the torrent of SNP abuse thrown at her, in the very brief time allowed for her to do so, the real diamond in the rough was Eunice Olumide. What a Scottish treasure. When she was rather belatedly given the opportunity to speak, she proved more than capable of grasping and holding the attention of everyone in the room. If she could be tempted away from her business interests in future, she would make an absolutely brilliant ambassador for an independent Scotland.

As for Question Time, it is almost as efficient in achieving its objectives as the Tory government is in its handling of Brexit. The desperation of both is crystal clear.

George Wylie
via email

THE Slorance Sketch on Saturday, while very funny, also illustrates the futility of objecting to the horrendous bias portrayed by the BBC. I cannot emphasise strongly enough that the English do not know anything about Scotland and its history, nor are they really interested. Sorry to say, these are facts. Our representative in Europe, Alyn Smith, our Scottish MPs in Westminster, have each had to suffer the slights and disrespectfulness of their so-called political colleagues. As for the choice of the recent Question Time panel, someone please tell the producers that Michael Forsyth is an irrelevance these days. Fiona Hyslop, while able in her remit for arts and culture, is hardly heavyweight as a politician. Would that someone like Denis Canavan could have given of his gravitas and lifetime of experience. No Jeremy Corbyn him!

No, there must be some way we could find our voice over the UK airwaves that would make some impression on the minds and hearts of those south of the Border. Maybe we have to persevere on the long road of leading by example and getting on with the job of governing our own affairs. But first and foremost we should boycott Question Time altogether!!

Janet Cunningham

WHY are Remainers so negative about Brexit?

Admittedly there may be downsides, too numerous to mention, but let’s not forget the opening up of new possibilities for enterprising people – such as increased opportunities for trade in contraband goods and so on.

Britannia waives the rules and now waves everything through. Carpe diem, I say!

James Stevenson

LIKE most National readers I am a passionate about Scotland’s need for freedom and return to our internationalism.

On Saturday evening I was with friends having a meal and lots of laughs. There was one bad egg in the room: the undemocratic British state.

Our host is from Italy, a teacher in Scotland but fearful of her future in our country. Another friend, a chef, was born in Germany but rightfully considers himself Scottish – he knows more about Scotland than I do.

Both are fearful of being treated as second class as Dis-May begs again and again to the racists in her party. What a party that is and how shameful to call them a party. A party is about fun, inclusiveness and enjoyment. How can I sleep peacefully knowing my friends are under threat of racism? I can’t. I lived in Belfast when peace broke out. I cried with tears of joy. Dis-May cares nothing about that – only appeasement to her rabid right.

Bryan Clark