The National:

YOU might think that given the scrutiny the BBC is facing over its shambolic Question Time from Motherwell, it would want to be taking a little more care with all things Scotland.

It seems not, judging by last night's edition of Newsnight.

The show was discussing the "changing landscape of UK politics", amid talk of a new centrist party being formed.

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What was most interesting, however, was the graphic behind those talking.

As you'll see above, on the screen appeared logos for the Conservatives, Labour, LibDems, a huge Ukip logo and a Green Party one floating in on occasion.

Ukip, it's worth remembering, do not have a single MP.

You'll have noticed a distinct ommission in that list – the third largest party at Westminster, the SNP, are not represented.

Because, as we've come to expect from the BBC, the "changing landscape of UK politics" seems to mean "changing landscape of English politics".

The SNP are the second biggest UK party by membership and the third biggest in the Commons, but nobody at the Beeb thought fit to have their logo on the screen ... in a piece about the changing landscape of UK politics.

It's so bad, the BBC have even been forced to apologise.

A BBC spokesperson said: “Newsnight was covering the changing landscape of UK politics, and particularly the speculation around the formation of new so-called ‘centrist’ party.

"Its studio backdrop featured the logos of several political parties, including those most closely associated with recent speculation about MPs potentially breaking away to form a new grouping.

"The Scottish National Party was not the focus of the discussion, but nonetheless the programme team accept that, as the third biggest party in the UK parliament, its logo should have been included. Newsnight apologises for the omission.”

Just a day after that outrageous Question Time audience, it's an especially blatant mistake to make.

Keith Brown, depute leader of the SNP, said the party had accepted the BBC’s apology: “We accept their apology on this occasion and will continue to press for a fairer share of news and current affairs coverage on this programme and across the BBC network.”

And don't miss tomorrow's Sunday National, where we'll have the full story on this logo gaffe.