NATIONAL editor Callum Baird and Paul Kavanagh (plus the Wee Ginger Dug) were joined by former SNP MP and MSP Anne McLaughlin for a fantastic edition of our Wee Ginger Dugcast.

Anne let us know how she's still helping her former constituents ... and whether she'd stand to be an MP again. And could that be as early as this year?

Last week's Sunday National revealed the announcement of Angus Roberton's new pro-independence initiative, Progress Scotland. It has Unionists worried, and is another of the topics discussed in this week's podcast.

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And, of course, we had to talk about the ridiculous Question Time from Motherwell, that has even those hesitant to accuse the BBC of bias outraged.

Plus, where we're at with the independence movement, and indyref2. Is there evidence that it's not the positive case for independence that is winning people over?

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