THERE’S been a tremendous reaction to the news revealed earlier this week in The National that Saturday March 30 was going to be declared a day to mark the ‘death’ of Scottish Democracy as it appears set to be our first day out of the EU.

We told how Dumfries and Galloway Pensioners for Independence (DGPI) had come up with the idea of wearing white roses or other white flowers or even white flower badges to mark a sorrowful day for Scotland when the democratic wishes of the Scottish people – 62% Remain against 38% Leave, lest we forget – will be ignored in the madness of Brexit.

DGPI met on Thursday and press officer Ian Richmond told the Yes Hub that the project will definitely happen and will be known as White Rose Day.

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He said: “On March 30th we are borrowing the symbolism of the Jacobites when they plucked the white rose of Scotland to wear on their bonnet.

“We hope that people across Scotland will wear a white flower, preferably the Scottish white rose, on March 30th and perhaps join in simple ceremonies.

“Here at DGPI we are planning to cast a white rose wreath or or posy into the River Sark at Gretna at 11am on March 30 and also lay a wreath of white roses at Robert Burns statue in Dumfries

“We already know from Facebook that there will be other events planned elsewhere, possibly not with large numbers of people at each but hopefully a large number of events."

Richmond told the Yes Hub that he is not wanting to be seen as the lead on this project but is happy to spark off ideas and is setting up a dedicated Facebook page for White Rose Day. We here at The National Yes Hub are happy to collate the many ideas for commemorations to be held by Yes groups and others – please let us know what your are thinking or planning by e-mailing

We’ve already had two solid suggestions. One came from Yes Linton in the village of West Linton where member Colin Torrance gave an inspirational reading of Hugh MacDiarmid’s poem The White Rose of Scotland, prompting the thought that postcards could be printed with the poem and handed out locally.

A second suggestion is that local Yes Groups go to their local municipal buildings or council chambers on March 30 to lay wreaths or posies of white roses.

SNP leader in the House of Commons Ian Blackford has also told DGPI he is looking into what could be done.

Richmond said: “This is all about marking the democratic deficit that is seeing Scotland removed from the EU against our will and against the democratic vote. There is no reason why people of all parties cannot mark this sad occasion – and then do something about it.”