The National:

THE Question Time panellists in favour of Scottish independence had their work cut out last night.

The Motherwell audience was bizarrely stacked with Unionist Brexiteers and, as ever, the question relating to independence was given an anti-independence framing.

Now, Eunice Olumide, who appeared on the show, has said she wishes she could have talked about independence and Scotland more.

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She tweeted: "Wish I had got the chance to say more about Scotland and independence thanks so much for having me @bbcquestiontime"

The independence debate is well and truly on the agenda in Scotland. The First Minister has promised an update on indyref2 within weeks, Yes groups are busy campaigning across the country and Brexit has put the issue into focus.

And yet the BBC's Question Time hardly got into the reality of the issue, too busy dealing with comments from a hardcore Unionist who has spoken three (or four) times on the show.

Scottish supermodel, author, actress and activist Olumide wrote in 2014 about her support for independence.

She said at the time: "What surprises me most about Scotland is the lack of knowledge of how rich and colossal Scotland’s contribution to the new world actually is. 

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"I am forever correcting both Scots and others about how so many of the UK’s most recent prime ministers were either born or educated in Scotland, and quite frankly the amazing expanse of ridiculously talented people in every single industry from fashion, to literature, never mind our other industries such as agriculture, food and drink, tourism, gas, construction, and between 15-24 billion barrels of oil.

"This will certainly carry us through the next part of the 21st century before we get some greener methods in place.

"I am hugely confident that with such a rich and highly talented legacy that Scottish people could look after its people and continue to be a huge contributor both to the UK and to the rest of the world."

Eunice, we wish you'd been given more time to talk about independence, too...