The National:

THE BBC is facing tough questions over its Question Time show in Motherwell last night.

As we've pointed out, the framing of its audience questions relating to independence are never pro-independence ... but very often anti-independence.

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And they have faced a barrage of criticism for appearing to stuff a venue in Motherwell – which voted for independence – packed full of Unionist, Brexiteer Tories.

But it looks like National readers might be waiting a while for answers.

First, we asked them about the audience make-up not reflecting the location, given the SNP-majority local government and North Lanarkshire backing independence in 2014's referendum (with 51%).

We also sought clarification on Billy Mitchell, a former Ukip candidate who has appeared in the Question Time audience at least three times, despite the show usually holding repeated appearances against a member of the public's selection for the audience.

These are big questions for the BBC, so we thought our readers would want to know their response as soon as we received it.

A BBC spokesperson has now told us: “We are investigating this issue.”

... and that's it for now. The BBC are investigating the issue.

We can't wait to hear their findings, given how clear the evidence is.