JEREMY Corbyn's Labour party has fallen seven points behind the Tories in a new poll.

The latest YouGov voting intentions poll sees 41% of Britons saying they would vote Conservative (from 39% in the previous survey in mid-January) while 34% say they would back Labour (unchanged).

The LibDems are on 10% (from 11%) and votes for other parties stands at 16% (unchanged).

When it comes to who would make the best Prime Minister, this week's poll shows 40% of people prefer Theresa May while 19% favour Jeremy Corbyn.

A further 39% answered "not sure".

The poll results come after a trade union affiliated with the Labour party has claimed that Corbyn’s party could lose an additional 45 seats in a snap election if it fails to take an anti-Brexit position, in a leaked report.

The report, drawn up by the transport union TSSA and including extensive polling, was sent to the leftwing pressure group Momentum. It appears to be an attempt to pile pressure on the Labour leader over Brexit.

It claims that “Brexit energises Labour remain voters” disproportionately, and warns: “There is no middle way policy which gets support from both sides of the debate.”