The National:

SOMEHOW, James Kelly remains Scottish Labour's shadow finance secretary after his shambolic performance during the Scottish Budget.

As that same Budget came in front of the Finance and Constitution Committee, the MSP was given another chance to challenge Scottish Finance Minister Derek Mackay.

We're surprised he didn't try smuggling sleeping pills into Mackay's porridge – or pull a sickie himself – given his previous attempts.

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He didn't do any better this time around. Mackay left Kelly absolutely desperate to change the subject.

The Finance Secretary was being questioned on local government budgets.

We've included the quotes below, but we'd very much recommend watching the video for the full experience.

Mackay responded: "Local government is getting more money in resource and in capital. That was at draft Budget in December.

"Now, I can go through council by council the increase that each council will enjoy as a result of this Budget.

"Fact. Local authorities are receiving more money from the Scottish Government. Fact. Local authorities are enjoying a real-terms increase. Fact. Local authorities are getting a capital increase. I don't know how to say it any other way, convener."

That gave Kelly his chance to go on the attack ... but it didn't end well for him.

He said: "To sit there and say that councils have more money is just a sheer fallacy."

Mackay hit back: "It's absolutely true. Would Mr Kelly wish to name a council and I'll tell you how much extra money they're getting?"

There was a pause. Kelly then continued: "The reality is that this is a cuts budget for councils, that's what's happening on the ground..."

Mackay continued to press him: "No? Any one? Any council? Pick a council? Alphabetically if not even your own?"

Kelly concluded: "Moving on, convener."

And then Mackay delivered the final line: "I bet we're moving on."

Is this really the best Scottish Labour have to offer?