The Secret Life of the Zoo, C4, 8pm

DOCUMENTARY using close-up camera technology to reveal the behaviour of the animals at Chester Zoo. Giant otter couple Diego and Icana are the best of friends but have never mated, so keepers hope a new male will have what it takes to relight Icana’s fire. Blue morpho butterflies Macuna and Peanut also need to mate, but when their diet of fruit ferments and turns to alcohol, their drunken behaviour might dash the zoo’s hopes of producing the next generation of butterflies.

Eat Well for Less? BBC1, 8pm

LET’S face it, we’d probably all like a little bit of extra money in our pockets, but where do we start cutting corners? For the people featured in this series, that’s a no-brainer – in fact, viewers are sometimes left wondering how they’ve managed to make ends meet at all. Thankfully that’s where Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin can lend a hand. Okay, so some of their suggested savings might seem like common sense to those of us watching at home, but it’s perhaps a case of those involved not being able to see the wood for the trees, until there’s somebody around to point it out.

Confessions of a Serial Killer with Piers Morgan, STV, 9pm

THE presenter has spoken to many convicted murderers during his career, but few have left quite as much of an impression as Bernard Giles. Usually Piers’s subjects have agreed to talk to him in an attempt to convince everyone of their innocence but Giles is different: he is keen to explore what drove him to commit cold-blooded murder.

Hospital, BBC2, 9pm

CAMERAS capture an unusual shift at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital as three kidney transplants are due to take place in one day. The patients include mother Colette who is about to give one of her kidneys to her brother. Without it, he has little chance of survival. But when a patient is rushed in needing an emergency appendix removal, there is no available theatre space.