Behind Closed Doors: Through The Eyes Of The Child, BBC2, 9pm

Award-winning documentary maker Anna Hall’s latest film goes into uncharted territory as she meets children who have witnessed domestic abuse and asks how it affected them. We hear from eight-year-old Ollie, who saw his mum’s head being slammed in a door, and Zara, who is now 13 and witnessed domestic abuse for the first eight years of her life before her mother separated from her father. Zara missed her half-sister when her parents split up so one day she ran off with her father without telling her mother, something she now bitterly regrets.

Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start, BBC2, 8pm

OVER the past six weeks, Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge has been dishing out advice to eight volunteer families keen to make a change as time pressure, fussiness or lack of confidence in cooking have contributed to an over-reliance on convenience food. Now, in the last programme of the series, Tom wants the participating clans to prove they have learned enough to whip up a feast as all the families get together for a picnic. He has asked them all to cook a dish they can bring to share with the others, as well as making resolutions to take forward that are personal to their own experiences.

The Twinstitute, BBC2, 8.30pm

CHRIS and Xand van Tulleken explore the best methods to learn a new language, putting the two most popular styles of learning to the test. Twins Des and Tina embark on 30 hours of scheduled lessons with a language teacher, while twins Lia and Nick take on the challenge of self-teaching using apps, but without a teacher it will take dedication and self-discipline for our twins. Is this just too much to achieve alone? Elsewhere, sets of twins also test the best ways to lower your calorie intake.

Cleaning Up, STV, 9pm

SWANNY entrusts Sam to make a large investment for him and she goes to desperate lengths to pull off the risky task. As Sam revels in her new persona, Dave starts to notice the change in her, and Glynn finds out that Sam is still in financial trouble.