I HAVE just finished going through the weekend editions of The National, and what an engrossing read it has been. Angus Robertson’s piece on Progress Scotland is exciting and aims to “persuade those not yet fully decided”. I wonder what it will take to persuade Scots that there is a better way after the behaviour in Westminster over the past weeks! I can only believe that some people have lost their wits! I couldn’t put my faith and trust in that rabble to even begin to govern Scotland and consider our rights as a people, a nation and a country.

We must be well prepared for our next independence referendum, as passion alone won’t get us there. Even those of us who are committed Yes voters need a clear, honest vision of the goals we will have for our country and the road we must take to get there.

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I would welcome more articles on the forming of a Scottish constitution and how we, the people can contribute to that. Lesley Riddoch’s three superb films on small countries with the same population as ourselves are very encouraging and promote positivity, but aren’t being shown mainstream. As yet!!

I reckon those who have given up trying to understand all that is going on at present are letting themselves and everyone else down. Until 2013/14 I seldom read a daily newspaper but committed to better inform myself by reading The National every day. I don’t under estimate the complexities we will face in becoming independent, but without The National I would be in a quagmire!

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I enjoyed reading Alan Aitchison’s letter on Sunday. We are the same age and I don’t believe that our age group is afraid to put our head above the parapet. We probably won’t reap the benefits of independence but I am prepared to fight for the generations to come. We can only take away the fear and uncertainty by giving everyone clear ideas of what they are voting for.

I am now going to start painting my saltire stones, and my slogan will be: “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

L Henderson

I CONGRATULATE the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on allowing Mary Lou McDonald speak on the subject of Brexit. For the first time a viewpoint was heard on the subject which almost certain represents the views of the whole of Ireland and probably a majority in the north as well as the south.

This viewpoint has been suppressed by the British media who seem willing assist the British Government in a beggar-thy-neighbour policy for the sake of saving the Conservative party from their own ideological mess, and content to allow them to break an international treaty known as the Good Friday Agreement.

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The DUP refuse to represent their constituents who voted Remain and are actually delighted at the prospect of any mechanism which will further divide the island of Ireland. They and their predecessors have a single policy which is maintenance of the Union, keeping the British in a position of power.

Mary Lou gave an excellent history lesson in describing the creation of Northern Ireland as the last throw of the die of a fading colonisation of the country. The neglect of the province allowed a religious elite to rule which eventually led to armed conflict. I have no support for the use of violence but whilst growing up in Belfast I could witness the discrimination which led to the demand for civil rights and eventually conflict.

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Scotland has been treated with the same neglect over the years. Recent events in the Commons show a government which used to boast of its willingness to stand up for minorities as a callous, uncaring, dogmatic mess. We must convince people to put aside the self-interest which I believe to be the essence of Britishness.

We owe it to the next generation to look outward in our politics, as only cooperation and willingness to at least listen to the point of view of others will give us a secure and peaceful future. I ask those who currently support the Union to consider whether they wish to be represented by a colonial overlord or to take responsibility through independence.

James Harvey
via email

THE argument that Scotland is dependent on the rUK for its survival is a myth that is long overdue a good SCOTCHING.

Does any reasonably intelligent person really believe the rUK would cease trading with an independent Scotland? Trade is a two-way issue that involves both buying and selling and the goods exported to the rUK are the basic essentials without which a nation would not survive. Can you take seriously any politician who claims the the rUK could exist without Scotland’s oil, gas, electricity, water, food and drink? It is estimated that between half a million and one million jobs in England are dependent on the goods they export to Scotland.

It’s time to move the debate to a far more intellectual level and away from intelligence-insulting claims.

John Hunter-Paterson

I WATCHED Brexit: The Uncivil War and was impressed by Dominic Cummings’ ruthlessness (even to the point of wanting him to take on the indyref2 campaign) and understand why Kirsty Strickland wants a snappy slogan, but honestly – “It’s a choice between two unions”??

Aside from the fact that it is not that snappy, it is just what many in the independence movement do not want.

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Some like me are very anti-EU, although I recognise that the majority in Scotland would probably want to return there in the future. But I don’t honestly think any of us are fighting to go from one union to another. We are fighting for Scotland to be free to choose any future unions, not jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

Julia Pannell
Friockheim, Tayside