WHEN the starting gun is fired by declaration of the date of the next independence referendum, Project Fear won’t be slow to begin scaremongering about the mass exodus of top talent in the event of a Yes vote.

My own position on this has been consistently clear. If the “top talent” wants to jump ship, then jump. Nae loss. What Project Fear won’t point out is the wonderfully clever tactical game being played by the Scottish Government where teachers and nurses will be better off up here both financially and in terms of the implicit respect shown in better pay settlements.

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I should have thought that a far greater migration northwards of people we really need is a price worth paying for the desertion of people who think everyone needs them better than we actually do.

It’s quite probable that every person who voted to Remain, and who has been so appallingly let down by a total lack of opposition to Project Suicide, will give more than a passing thought to seeking their fortune north of the Border.

Jim Finnie