Angus Robertson outlines his strategy for reaching out to voters following the launch of new pro-independence organisation, Progress Scotland.

IT’S hard to remember a more concerning and confusing time. Every day we hear the latest instalment of the Brexit saga, and most people are heartily sick of the whole thing.

I have yet to meet a single person, regardless of whether they chose Remain or Leave, who said: “This is what I voted for.”

In Scotland we seem powerless to stop the meltdown at Westminster. Regardless of what the Scottish Government or the majority of our MPs say, they are being ignored by the Prime Minister and the least effective UK Government in living memory. Surely things can be better than this.

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They must get better than this. We need more than hope, we need to build a majority for the better alternative.

Public opinion in Scotland has not moved dramatically since the 2014 independence referendum.

That does not surprise me. Until we know where we are in relation to Brexit, many people will not commit to the alternatives.

The National:

However, we would be wrong to think that people are not considering the alternatives.

These are exactly the people we need to understand. What is motivating them? What has moved them? What do they hope for and what do they fear?

Until we understand the answers to these questions and help that inform our case, we will not see major changes in public opinion on Scotland’s future. That is why I have set up Progress Scotland to help prepare the case for Scotland to progress towards independence, keeping pace with the views of the people who make their lives here.

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With your help I hope to help fund research on the opinions of people in Scotland and test their appetite to emulate the most successful small countries in the world.

If you and fellow supporters become subscribers we will be able to provide insight and analysis on what is needed to persuade people on the case for Scotland to make progress.

Become a subscriber of Progress Scotland here.