IAN Blackford MP has accused Jeremy Corbyn of creeping closer to facilitating a Brexit favoured by Theresa May amid signs he is softening his opposition towards the Prime Minister’s withdrawal deal.

The SNP Westminster Leader warned the Labour leader was moving away from categorically ruling out a no-deal Brexit and was edging closer to exploring aspects of May’s damaging proposals.

It follows reports that during his recent meeting with the Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn raised concerns over the Irish backstop arrangements agreed with the EU.

The Labour leader has also refused to take action against his MPs who defied the party whip and opposed Yvette Cooper’s Brexit amendment which sought to extend Article 50, leading to its defeat.

This week it has also been reported that some Labour parliamentarians may be open to a DUP-style cash for votes deal with the Tory government in order to help May’s Brexit deal pass in the House of Commons.

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Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said: “Worryingly, Jeremy Corbyn is creeping closer to facilitating the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal – when he should be opposing the proposals which will damage the economy and livelihoods. Corbyn seems incapable of leading an opposition to this shambolic Tory government. If he facilitates May’s deal, an entire generation will never forgive him.

“Rather than setting out the catastrophic consequences that Brexit will have on jobs and living standards, Corbyn has been entertaining May over his concerns on the backstop arrangement. The backstop is the result of the Prime Minister’s red lines and is needed to prevent a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“And he seems to be ignoring the devastating consequences of the UK’s current proposals for the future relationship which would do serious economic harm to Scotland.

“The SNP has been clear; the Prime Minister must take the continued threat of a no-deal off the table and she can do so by extending Article 50. That must now be the priority and Jeremy Corbyn must end the politics and work with the SNP and others to stop the clock.

“It is clear that under every scenario Brexit will leave us all worse off. There is no such thing as a good Brexit. If Jeremy Corbyn is intent on helping Theresa May drag Scotland off the Brexit cliff-edge, then it will demonstrate yet again that Scotland’s national interests can only be protected with independence.”