YOUR report ‘Review into the placing of additional needs pupils’ (January 31) highlights the fact that the Scottish Government is listening to those who use and to those that provide this vital service.

I have recently become aware of a pupil in a rural primary school whom teachers thought was not making the progress of which she was capable. After discussions involving her mother it was decided to apply to the local authority for funding to provide her with extra tuition in English, which was not her first language. The funding was provided and the girl received the additional tuition. The result is that she is much happier at school and is now in the top 30% of her class.

Sadly such achievements are seldom reported, yet they depend on highly professional and caring teachers, efficient local authority management of funds provided by the Scottish Government. I am certain that this is not an isolated success but is happening throughout the length and breadth of Scotland and in which we can all take pride. Perhaps the teaching unions should highlight the successes of their members, which have lifetime benefits for their pupils, rather than trying to encourage their members to take part in what is obviously part of the Labour party’s political war of attrition against the Scottish Government, in which the losers will be the pupils.

Thomas L Inglis